(Sunshine #4 x Fire18)

65-70 Day Flowering

1st Place High Times Cup Winner 2018

(2x) 1st Place High Times Cup Winner

Sunshine #4, bred by Bodhi Seeds x Fire18 from Headcracker Seeds, Gifted by Leaf Dr.

Large yielding, great structured colas that taste like Chem4 dunked in Orange Juice with an OG backend.

Sunshine Kush -Indica

  • 4Kate was a strain developed by Midnight Roots for his sister Kate who passed of cancer 3 years ago. 4kate is a strong indica dominant hybrid. Its a cross between Chem4 and Fire18(headcracker seeds). His goal is to have her legacy live on through this strain, with the intentions of helping other people through their pain they may be dealing with caused by cancer or any other medical ailments.